Friday, November 7, 2014

Ugly Girl: Now Available on Amazon and Createspace

After an experiment with a different title and cover, I re-published Ugly Girl with the original cover art created for me by Mark Bulahao. Chalk it up to an exercise of over-thinking marketing. The original title of "Ugly Girl" perfectly captures the tone of the novel, so now it returns!

Also, I chose to market the novel for 99 cents - a departure from my $2.99 strategy with Shore of Monsters. There is much debate about the pricing of a novel, and the belief that 99 cent pricing places a novel into a category of "buyer beware" or "it stinks". There is a certain truth to that logic. The majority of 99 cent novels suffer significantly when compared to professionally published novels in many areas: cheesy covers, poor writing, poor story flow, significant editing mistakes, and general unprofessional presentation all around.

However. However. However.

I notice that very well-written, well-edited, well-packaged stories with compelling plot flow tend to sell, and some sell incredibly well. I would like to think that my novel fits those criteria, but I am the least objective consumer at this point. That said, no guts, no glory. My interest is in having as many readers of the novel as possible, whether the copy be free or 99 cents. Volume readership!