Monday, November 28, 2011

Update: Sequel to "The Shore of Monsters"

The Shore of Monsters represents the first half of a two-part story. Although the ending takes the story to a satisfactory resolution, it leaves unanswered many questions - particularly about Thomas, and the origin of the plague.

I am making good progress on the sequel, having reached the halfway point of the rough draft. I expect to release it in e-book form in February. The working title is "A Descent of Darkness".

In short, the story covers the journey of Sky southward toward The Saints, perhaps the only other surviving community outside of Sky's people. However, Sky and her party soon learn that there are others, and their intentions may point the way toward human extinction. Up against monsters, new enemies, and members of her own party, Sky must find Thomas, reach The Saints, and hope that time enough remains for a final cure before the light of humanity is snuffed.