Down the Dead Road

Sixteen-year-old “Cowboy” knows he will die soon – just not when or how. Death is stalking him, making repeated attempts on his life. The boy is an easy target, having lived on the streets nearly all his life with no memory of his real name or origin, cared for by Emma, the homeless woman who found him as an abandoned toddler. Now a brutal street gang wants to kill him, unwittingly joining forces with Death. Fortunately, Cowboy has a powerful ally – a mysterious figure Emma calls The Highwayman – who appears intent on thwarting Death’s plan.

Cowboy’s dark fate appears to change with his rescue of a wealthy teen girl and the unexpected romance that blossoms between them. This frustratingly wonderful relationship inspires Cowboy to seek the truth of his past, despite the ongoing tug-of-war between Death and The Highwayman. Then suddenly, in the midst of the mayhem, the door to Cowboy’s past cracks open - but the unbelievable truth may not be enough to save him!