Fall of Darkness

In the exciting conclusion to The Shore of Monsters, Thomas is missing, having plunged into monster-infested wilderness after believing Sky to be dead, on a mission to ferry critical plague research to the faraway Saints in hopes that combined knowledge will produce a new cure.

The abrupt arrival of a new foe, the technically advanced Reaper, drives Sky on a journey into the unknown to find Thomas and The Saints. Spared from the plague by isolation and quarantine, and armed with powerful weapons from Before, men and women of the fanatical Reaper are engaged in a mad genocide plan to exterminate anyone infected with plague - including the women of the Compass.

In the company of friends and former foes, Sky undertakes a perilous trek by land and sea to find and alert the women of The Saints before the Reaper arrive, and to reunite with Thomas if he still survives. Although Sky and her companions meet deadly challenges and near disasters along the way, an inexplicable longing for the one she loves drives the girl forward. To reunite with Thomas and discover where their strange, wonderful relationship will lead, Sky must overcome powerful new enemies, unexpected treachery, and the ever-present monsters that swarm the shore. Both her heart and the fate of humanity lie in the balance!