The Shore of Monsters

A pair of woeful facts define seventeen-year-old Sky Calloway’s world. One, a horde of murderous monsters devastated humanity five generations earlier, driving the few survivors to island refuges. Two, she has never seen a grown man – only infant boys who soon disappear.

Because a monster-initiated plague kills or ruins all males in infancy, iron-willed women maintain the human race through medical means and gritty determination. The secretive and restrictive Order guards the isolated island community where Sky lives, sequestering the surviving boys while burying the painful past. When independent-minded Sky joins a perilous trek to the monster-infested shore to scavenge precious resources, she finds long craved freedom. After a horrific monster attack shatters the expedition, Sky must survive alone amongst the evil creatures that prowl the ruins. Her hopeless situation alters wildly with unexpected aid from a very astonishing source. What she initially believes to be just another monster is actually a plague-free young man – the first she has ever seen. Sky's subsequent journey leads her toward the answers to questions that have long plagued her. What are the monsters, and from where did they come? What is the Order hiding from the community? And what are the strange emotions she feels for the young man? Mystery, action, and romance abound as Sky faces the most important question of all: what makes us human?