Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Project: The Ugly Girl

While spending my time boosting on-line sales of the "Shore of Monsters" duology, I have been giving much thought to my next writing project. After considering a number of options, I have settled on a story that greatly intrigues me.

The story has a simple premise. Twenty-five thousand years ago our ancestors shared the planet with a human sub-species called Neanderthals. Contrary to popular belief, Neanderthals were not brutes. In fact, they seemed to possess all the intelligence of modern humans. So why did they die off, and allow our ancestors to inherit the earth? Nobody knows for certain.

So ... what if the pendulum had swung the other direction? What if our ancestors had ceased to exist and the Neanderthal's had flourished? And what would happen if a Human girl found herself in this reality - different from everyone else, ugly in appearance to Neanderthals? Well, I intend to find out through the telling of this story.

Stay tuned.

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